Pegasus Night – Dubai

 2 July 2015

Luxury Dubai – Unrealistic and Magnificient

Those who have not been to Dubai can hardly understand the true meaning of luxury; those who have not been to Dubai can hardly imagine the unrealistic view of a mirage. This time, our Team Elite Pegasus and management ventured into the most luxurious hotel in the world – Burj Al Arab, and were totally amazed by the magnificent view Dubai offers!

Upon arrival to the hotel, they were stunned by what was in front of them, as the hotel resembles a giant sailing boat that braved through the wind and wave that looks lofty, magnificent and grandiose from afar. The resplendent lobby was of top class luxury; the duplex suite with the majestic view of Persian Gulf, delicate interior design – every detail was handled with modesty and elegance.

Honourable and Elegance – Pegasus Night

All Team Elite Pegasus dressed up for the event, with the ladies dressed elegantly, and the gentlemen looking smart, with the surrounding ambience well-decorated and the tableware accompanied by a Pegasus logo. Everyone enjoyed this utmost dinner experience in a luxurious ambience, with only a word to describe it – “Magnificent”!