Pegasus Night – Maldives

 6th July 2017

RIWAY International’s “Pegasus Night”, Team Elite Pegasus travelled to Maldives, known as the “dream paradise”, for a rejuvenating experience.

Just try to imagine this scene; waking up early in the morning sun for breakfast and from the moment you open your eyes, everything is scenic and gorgeous. Basking in the warmth and glow of happiness under the blue sky and turquoise sea reflecting against the glimmering sun beams. Setting foot on the white pristine beach, exploring the underwater world of adventure, bathing under the sea breeze and sharing the great feeling of success with all your partners.

This feeling of joy is akin to the happiness felt by the RIWAY Team Elite Pegasus. And the mission of Team Elite Pegasus is to let more people experience and grasp this true happiness, so that everyone can create their very own and their teams’ majestic story in RIWAY.