Pegasus Night – Ningxia

 4 June 2018

Amidst the magnificent backdrop of mother-nature, we brought our esteemed Team Elite Pegasus leaders for RIWAY International’s “Pegasus Night”, to discover the hidden treasures of Ningxia, meaning peaceful Western Xia. Located in the northwest of China, Ningxia is steeped in history and admired for its resplendent cultural heritage garnered from it being situated by the upper reaches of the Yellow River, which also features the Great Wall of China.

In recent years, Ningxia has also risen to prominence and established its reputation in the wine industry having scooped up various medals and awards which shocked the industry back then as it was still a little known region which most people have not even heard of. The achievements were accomplished despite the tough geographical and weather challenges, all owing to the pride, passion and dedication of the people, who have persevered on towards their ambitions and goals.

Similarly, exactly like our Team Elite Pegasus leaders and together with RIWAY, their relentless spirit and attitude to forge on ahead have led their teams to higher peaks, making indelible marks in the direct selling industry. On “Pegasus Night”, they enjoyed the fruits of their hard work and the shared the feeling of pride and success with their spouses and team mates.