Pegasus Night – Shanghai

 3 July 2019

Another fascinating chapter is about to unfold as we head forth towards Shanghai, and into a night of grand feasting exclusively for our Team Elite Pegasus!

The uniqueness of this “Pegasus Night” is the hotel that we have chosen this time – the Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland that has been built for 12 years. A bold work of architectural design, which has been masterfully built directly into the side wall of a quarry decommissioned for over a decade. It features 2 above ground storeys and 15 storeys that stretch 88 metres below altitude, creating a breath-taking facade.

RIWAY International has specially set our eyes on this location to hold our “Pegasus Night” in order to continue inspiring, motivating and to gather even more positive strength for our leaders, to give them a truly exquisite experience on this special and mesmerizing night on their journey to attain their dreams!