Pegasus Night – Switzerland

 9 January 2016

Switzerland. A country of snow-capped mountains with its beautiful landscapes similar to that of a postcard. A land famous for elite skin care brands that is able to rejuvenate the body, and where the rich and famous who wishes to regain their youthfulness would aspire to visit.

On the 9th of January 2016, our Team Elite Pegasus set foot onto the land of rejuvenation, to attend the grand Pegasus Night! A land seemingly blessed by God; well-known for its live-cells therapy, advanced medical science and skin care technology, a place where many professionals in the beauty industry would like to visit and learn from.

RIWAY International emerged and became well-known for its one and only product: PURTIER Placenta, which adopts live-cells therapy, creating a right way with its uniqueness, and becoming famous at the international arena through the direct selling platform.

Let us all be rejuvenated and strive forth to attain our goals!