RIWAY International 14th Anniversary Gala Celebration

 8th January 2022
 8PM (GMT+8)

The year 2008 always holds special significance in the hearts of many. The Olympic Games was held in Beijing for the first time; the stock markets around the world plunged amid growing fears of a recession in the United States, and of course, RIWAY International was founded in Singapore.

14 years later, the Olympic Games once again concluded in Asia and the world faced yet another crisis in the shape of a pandemic. However, one thing is for sure: RIWAY still stands strong and proud. As the theme of this year’s Gala “Forge Ahead” suggests, our leaders are poised to take on the monumental task of bringing RIWAY to another new height in the years to come. With the arrival of 2022, we witnessed RIWAY International’s 14th Anniversary Gala Celebration, and became more ready than ever to challenge the new year ahead.

14 years later, RIWAY has extended its presence to even further, serving and helping to transform the lives of many others around the world. And 14 years later, RIWAY has proven to everyone again and again, crisis after crisis, that it has garnered the trust and confidence of all RIWAY people, and is able to stand the test of anything.

We also had the golden opportunity to witness the most anticipated annual highlight: 2021 RIWAY International Golden Deer Award. Once again, let us put our hands together to congratulate Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 4 Rings, Feng Yu En for her new legacy written in the history of RIWAY!