RIWAY International 15th Anniversary Gala Dinner

 10th January 2023

Since RIWAY International was founded in 2008, it’s 15 years of colourful chapters have been filled with blood, sweat, tears and accumulated passion. 15 years ago, RIWAY originated from a small island called Singapore, but now we shine and radiate light, covering all parts of the world, and this is the result of everyone’s collective effort.

In order to challenge ourselves and reach the peak, we have experienced countless sleepless nights, overcoming various challenges and difficulties. Just like our anniversary theme this time, “No Hold Back”, our dedication to dreams and successes keeps us from bowing to our destiny. Looking back on the past 15 years, we have always adhered to our original intention and strived to forge ahead. In the future, we will continue to do our best to pen more brilliant achievements for RIWAY without hesitation.

From the beginning of the pandemic to the gradual opening of the global market, if you want to breakthrough and stand out, you must have the determination to push yourself, and put in a hundred times more effort than others. RIWAY International Golden Deer Award is hence an award that symbolises perseverance and belief. This year, Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 7 Rings Celest Zhang has written a page in history for her past achievements and was crowned with this prestigious award. We sincerely congratulate our 2022 RIWAY International Golden Deer Award Winner, Celest Zhang.