RIWAY International 16th Anniversary Gala Dinner

 6th January 2024
 Singapore Expo, Hall 5

RIWAY International is about to welcome its 16th year; with this year’s anniversary themed as “The Journey Together With You”, it has accurately defined our journey and highlighted the critical importance of “people” in the process of achieving glory. Be it our Core Management Team, our leaders, or our staff, they have all played an important role, and it is precisely because there are all of you that we have achieved what we have today.

Looking back at these 16 years, we have experienced ups and downs together, shared great responsibilities and joy as we supported each other side by side. In this process, we have come to truly comprehend the meaning of unity and cooperation, and understand that we are very much similar to each other as we share the same goals; it is also precisely this force that drives RIWAY to keep moving forward.

This 16th year anniversary gala dinner is the most beautiful gift to our 16 years of perseverance and hard work. On this night, we look forward to gathering together with everyone to celebrate this extraordinary journey. Being on “The Journey Together With You”, the future is promising!