RIWAY Japan 3rd Anniversary

 26th June 2021

This year, RIWAY Japan has welcomed its 3rd anniversary; 3 years may not be a long time, but RIWAY Japan has developed rapidly in these short 3 years. There are already 5 branches opened in Japan alone and there will be more opening in the near future. In addition, the number of Pegasus leaders has also risen to be more than 10. Up to this point, we trust that everyone can feel the fast momentum in which RIWAY Japan is developing at.

Especially in this year, the difficult situation will continue to persist from a global perspective, but RIWAY Japan remains unstoppable and will continue accelerating and make great progress, just like the theme of the 3rd anniversary – “燦々と輝く” (Sansan to Kagayaku) is a homophone of the number “3” in Japanese. Let us progress together as one with RIWAY Japan so that every leader can create and shine with brilliance!