Taiwan Main Branch Opening

 8th January 2023

Time flies by as RIWAY International welcomed its 15th year Anniversary in the blink of an eye. New hope arises as the new year comes; on 8th January 2023, Linkou, Taiwan witnessed the grand opening of RIWAY Taiwan’s new headquarters. This is an important milestone for RIWAY as we actively expand our business with even greater strength while glazing another touch of joy to our 15th Anniversary.

It has been 11 years since RIWAY Taiwan was established, and there are a total of 14 branches spreading across Taiwan. In the past, no matter how trying times have been, the Core Management Team and leaders have remained steadfast in their beliefs and cooperation, constantly challenging and overcoming themselves. Now that RIWAY Taiwan has its own building, we hope this newly opened headquarters can keep the leaders’ spirits high and seize the moment to embark on our own path to success.

Let us achieve our dreams and create our own future.