Team Elite Night

 3rd October 2022

A little spark is enough to spread throughout the entire universe, a tiny edge is enough to become the most dazzling light. Using their beliefs as guides, and their dreams as their driving force, they open up a new chapter in their life’s journey.

Following RIWAY International’s regrouping of regions and resuming of all activities, a grand event is set to begin in Malaysia after a 3-year-long absence. When the pandemic swept through the world 3 years ago, our Team Elite leaders of various regions continued to gather and meet within their own countries, but everyone’s memory and emotions towards our “Team Elite Night” has also stopped and remained back in 2019 in Kyoto.

Now that our Team Elite leaders from all over the world can gather again with great spirit to celebrate the beautiful results that we have created together, we believe the sparks we make will be completely different. Let us witness this moving scene together once again in this quarter’s “Team Elite Night”.