“Team Elite Night” – Online

 3rd October 2020

 7PM (GMT+8)

“To all of my RIWAY International Team Elite leaders from around the world, good evening, I am Lim Boon Hong. All of the shooting and editing in this “Team Elite Night” has not been done at all by any professional team but it is all done by myself at this very moment… Why do I make such sacrifices? Why do I pay such a high price?”

There can only be 1 reason, and the reason is you.

RIWAY’s “Team Elite Night” has always been an opportunity for us to express our sincerity to all of our leaders, hence, we will do it to our best regardless of any sacrifice and cost. RIWAY International’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong took it upon himself to invite several top Team Supreme Pegasus leaders to perform, as well as to show us that it is highly possible to turn your visions and dreams into a reality and also the performance of 48 of our Team Supreme Pegasus 3 and above leaders to produce a video that is filled with warmth, kinship and closeness for all of our Team Elites in hopes of being able to convey his sincerity to you.

Did you join us in anticipation as we showed you our thoughts and sincerity to let you know, through the good times and the bad times, that you are still the greatest in our hearts?