Team Elite Night

 10th April 2021

 8PM (GMT+8)

A star-studded event for the elites, “Team Elite Night” is a formal dinner dedicatedly prepared by RIWAY International to convey good faith to all Team Elites. Their achievements today are the fruits of their relentless hard work, and as the leaders of their teams, their diligent effort and sincere commitment have become the pillars to both their teams and their families. This evening was an honorary moment for everyone to toast and celebrate their dreams coming true.

Although it is still impossible to gather the leaders from all regions due to special circumstances, the cohesion among everyone is still strong as ever, as the sense of mission as part of the Team Elites has made them realise the importance of maintaining unity in the teams. The sparks among the Team Elites prompted them to become more outstanding and excellent leaders. If you are positive and put in full effort, like all Team Elites, you too are surely able to achieve anything in your heart.