2019 First Quarter “Top Leaders Meeting” – New York

 4 March 2019

A visit to New York City is an experience of a lifetime with its famous attractions like Times Square, Central Park and the iconic Empire State Building — to name just a few. It is a global hub of international finance, home to many of the world’s largest corporations, and also universally acknowledged as one of the world’s top important and influential city.

RIWAY International convened our leaders together to this incredible city for our first Top Leaders Meeting of 2019, and fully immersed ourselves in this city that is filled with high energy and endless possibilities, where it is the perfect place to gather our strength and gain our momentum.

Backed by our culmination of efforts and our steely determination to succeed, we have set our sights far and beyond. It was time to exceed all expectations we have set for ourselves and propel forward.

Note: Attending criteria for this “Top Leaders Meeting” wasTeam Elite Monoceros and above leaders.