2019 RIWAY Staff Meeting

We Are Ready for Globalisation!

We rode on the huge success of 2018 and 2019 flashed by in a blink of an eye as RIWAY reignited itself and took 2019 as its 1st year. With the addition of even more events and regions, more distributors, more leaders and staff alike, everyone has been pushing and persevering to make things happen.

The company also made key important changes to our internal team and framework to cater to the organisation’s growing needs with the addition to our new Core Management Team, further proving that RIWAY is fully dedicated to providing the best opportunities to our own people as well as our readiness for globalisation.

With our manpower force expanding at exponential speed, this yearly July Staff Meeting was the best opportunity for every one of us from the various countries and departments to convene together; together with the existing staff as well as with the new colleagues, to re-group and re-align ourselves to the company’s vision for the coming year.

As our Core Management Team shared with us RIWAY’s strategies and plans for the coming year, we look forward to greater growth and innovation amongst this strong force, moving forward with our common passion and goal, creating limitless opportunities!