2022 RIWAY International Staff Meeting

A company’s ability to motivate its employees, and translate that motivations into actions rapidly will be its ultimate competitive advantage. Indeed, since its establishment in 2008, RIWAY International has spared no effort to focus on the empowerment of every RIWAY employee.

Being the 1st physical meeting after a long hiatus, it will serve as the perfect opportunity to bring everyone back together again to disseminate important information and direction. This is especially important this year as RIWAY has just mapped new regions as part of its grand strategy to conform to the current situation so as to bring about earth-shaking changes. In order to do this, every RIWAY employee will receive the latest direction, so as to better prepare ourselves for the new challenges ahead, and get ready to embrace the new records RIWAY is going to set in the days ahead.

So bring it on, for we are always ready to strike again.