Leadership Training Seminar DVD 2015

Do not miss our final Leadership Training Seminar DVD of 2015! Featuring 5 deeply experienced leaders and President and Founder of RIWAY, Dr Lim Boon Hong, who shared their valuable experiences on being a leader which will definitely benefit you!

These 6 Leadership Training Seminars at 4 different countries led by Dr Lim Boon Hong, Team Elite Pegasus II Joe Lee, Team Elite Pegasus II Tan Su Thiam, Team Elite Pegasus II Andy Saw, Team Elite Pegasus II Victor Tan, and Team Elite Pegasus I Lim Soon Lee shared how they overcame themselves and they decided that they want to become a leader. They shared their views generously on the principles of becoming an outstanding leader, giving a chance for the participants to absorb and learn from our leaders’ never-give-up attitude, applying the knowledge and following their steps!


  • Accept No Compromise (Set exacting standards, then exceed them)
    Team Elite Pegasus II, Tan Su Thiam
  • Follow Your Instincts (Make decisions an extension of your instinct)
    Team Elite Pegasus I, Lim Soon Lee
  • Focus on the Big Picture (Know when to take the back seat)
    Team Elite Pegasus II, Andy Saw
  • Assemble the Strongest Team (Delegate the details to a handpicked team)
    Team Elite Pegasus I, Victor Tan
  • Exercise Your Privileges (Enjoy the privileges that come with the position)
    Team Elite Pegasus II, Joe Lee
  • Wield Power Responsibly (Make leadership a sustainable venture)
    Founder & President, Dr. Lim Boon Hong