“The RIWAY Magazine” December 2014 – “A Surprise for The World” is Available Now!

The Founder and President of RIWAY has declared that year 2015 is the start of the battles!

The best preparation is none other than keeping a copy of RIWAY magazine in our bag, and allowing ourselves to gain new insights while reading it.

During our Leaders Recognition Night, many had already gotten hold of the RIWAY Magazine and reading it page by page.

Besides Vice President Dato’ Kenny Wong’s Wedding Booklet, what caught their attention is the 6 new Team Elite Pegasus’ cover stories that revealed their “Pegasus Strategies” to success!

We have also attached a limited edition Found song DVD for distributors to share or give the disc to their friends as a gift.

The precious must-have RIWAY Magazine have received overwhelming responses during the Leaders Recognition Night in different countries. Dear distributors, go get a copy now at your nearest RIWAY branch!