From its base in Singapore, RIWAY has expanded to Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Japan, Hong Kong and other Southeast Asian markets. Integrating the local languages and cultural backgrounds in these countries, RIWAY is growing rapidly and is still continuously developing new networks.

And behind these achievements is a group of indispensable heroes who have years of direct selling experience. RIWAY has expanded to international markets due to its cumulative capabilities, perseverance, continual innovation and the pursuit of excellence.

RIWAY’s mission is to help others achieve their goals and dreams and lead a meaningful and rewarding lives. As long as one closely follows RIWAY’s pace, possesses gratitude and a strong will, the road to success is in store for you!

Core Management (HQ) Management (Regional)
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Lim Boon Hong

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr Lim Boon Hong upholds the intent he had from the beginning to build a direct selling enterprise based upon a positive culture leading everyone to the Right Way. With his keen business acumen and excellent management abilities, he continuously seeks to improve and insists on leading by example to establish RIWAY’s market leadership with a determined conviction as he sets his eyes on the global stage, so that everyone could have the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life of freedom.

  • Cherie Wong

    Deputy Chief Marketing Officer (Creative)

  • Lim Li Kuan

    Deputy Chief Marketing Officer (Public Relations)

  • Howie Soong

    Deputy Chief Development Officer

  • Idran Soh

    Deputy Chief Development Officer

Ellie Teoh

Deputy Chief Operations Officer (Information)

Yeo Chin Yong

Deputy Chief Operations Officer (Procedural)

Rey Chan

Deputy Chief Operations Officer (Distribution)