“The RIWAY Magazine” March 2014 is Available Now!

“It doesn’t matter how many great dreams we had achieved. We ought to keep reminding ourselves to be humble and courteous to everyone around us. This is the best way to appreciate what we have now. This is also the only way to continue to grow stronger, last longer and to achieve a greater height,” said Dr Lim Boon Hong.

‘To conduct oneself in a low profile manner and to handle affairs in a high profile manner.’ This is the core belief of RIWAY that has been deeply instilled and vastly implemented by Dr Lim. The newly launched PURTIER Exhibition Pack is a solid proof that RIWAY is striving to be the best in a very high profile manner. On the other hand, organising the RIWAY Superheroes Night has shown RIWAY’s deep appreciation to the staff, demonstrating the humbleness and walking the talk.

One of the highlight of the new issue is the full length report of Penang’s Leaders Recognition Night. The red carpet ceremony and the superstars are just part of the exciting contents to enable you to vividly relive the wondrous nights.

The 12th issue of The RIWAY Magazine is on the shelf now. Hurry to your nearest RIWAY branch for a copy of this long-waited issue!