2019 Fourth Quarter “Top Leaders Meeting”

 December 2019

The only “Top Leaders Meeting” in December 2019 was an opportunity that was sufficient for us to witness our leaders’ strong abilities. Even more so, it is a key event where our leaders met at the high peak, decided on strategies and discussed plans before entering the 2020s.

At RIWAY International, being invited to attend the “Top Leaders Meeting” symbolises glory and the determination to achieve success. Because this represents you as the most outstanding leader and it also means that it is not an easy feat if you want to attend this meeting.

RIWAY International and our invited guests; our esteemed leaders have attended this “Top Leaders Meeting” held at Singapore where they seized this chance to connect and interact closely, allowing everyone to better understand the company’s upcoming development blueprint, leading their teams to move forward towards the right direction.

This very much anticipated meeting will have a great impact on the upcoming RIWAY International as we enter the 12th year together and we will be looking forward to and working hard towards the same goal.