2020 1st Quarter “Leadership Training Seminar – NDO”

There are no limits to gaining new knowledge, and only through constantly improving yourself and resetting your mindset can you have the capacity to realize your dreams. RIWAY International not only provides a good entrepreneurial platform, but also has plans in place for training and learning. Our “Leadership Training Seminar” is one of the most important learning platforms of RIWAY International, and with the meticulous arrangement from the training department, through the sharing of the leaders’ rich experiences, everyone can get more inspiration on the path to learning.

2020’s 1st quarter “Leadership Training Seminar” will be held in various regions in February where the seminar will focus on the upgraded version of the “NDO”. Our speakers will duplicate RIWAY International’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong’s content during the “Train The Trainers” event, hoping to convey important information fully, and benefitting our members. The “NDO” consists of “10 Key Points”, hoping to lay a solid foundation for our members as they move forward with RIWAY so do not miss it!