2021 3rd Quarter’s “Leadership Training Seminar”

 7th August 2021

 7pm (GMT +8)

Learning is something that we as human beings should never stop no matter the age or circumstances because regardless if it is learning something completely new or re-learning something we already know, once we stop, we will cease to improve and progress.

However, in RIWAY International, it has always been more than just learning. Rather, it has always emphasised how we should constantly reset back to zero and reflect, to see things from different perspectives, and comprehend different principles to improve and progress as an individual, and eventually as a whole. Therefore, if you are closely following in the footsteps of RIWAY, then we hoped that the 2021 3rd quarter’s “Leadership Training Seminar” by RIWAY International Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong and Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 4 Rings Feng Yu En has given you the answer because it held many profound knowledges worth learning.