East Malaysia Pegasus Recognition

 10 January 2017
 Lot 1347, Miri Waterfront, Commercial Center, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Here we have our “Eastern Pegasus” soaring above the Malaysian skies, challenging the endless boundaries!

Congratulations to Team Elite Pegasus Kelvin Teo for achieving the first Team Elite Pegasus of East Malaysia, with a bright aura illuminating the whole East Malaysian skies, RIWAY International held a East Malaysia Pegasus Recognition Night in Sarawak, Miri in recognition of Team Elite Pegasus Kelvin Teo’s outstanding performance.

From Team Elite Pegasus Kelvin Teo, we can see his bold and powerful attitude, along with an infinite fighting power, it is also because of his characteristics, that allows him to understand he must use his actions to prove his self-capabilities, his will to prove his perseverance. He will give his full effort in doing anything, an outstanding leader for everyone to learn from.