Leaders Recognition Night

 29 June 2019

30th March was an emotional night for RIWAY Taiwan. After anticipating for 7 years, RIWAY Taiwan finally held their very first “Leader Recognition Night”. That night, everyone was exhilarated and filled with so much passion that they vowed to bring RIWAY Taiwan to a higher level of excellence.

Besides being loyal to RIWAY, Taiwan leaders also set themselves as a benchmark and an example for all their teammates, leading them to a successful career in RIWAY. With the same goals, along with the lead of General Manager, Taiwan Ted Tan, the cohesiveness and enthusiasm of RIWAY Taiwan people, RIWAY Taiwan will move forward towards success!

We hope that this moment of exhilarated feeling will not cease but push RIWAY Taiwan towards a bigger and stronger RIWAY Taiwan as they welcome the 8th year and many coming years!