Leadership Training Seminar May 2013

 4 May 2013
 Grand Ballroom A-H, Level 5 Sands Expo & Convention Center 10 Bayfront Avenue

”Noble Spirit Beyond Boundaries” was chosen as the theme for this training as it has always been the central idea of RIWAY. Only with an upright and decent corporate philosophy, all RIWAY distributors can then come together as one and create new milestones.

RIWAY’s first quarter Leadership Training Seminar in 2013 has invited 5 groups of important leaders, from all different backgrounds and of all walks of life to share the secret to their very own journey to success. This seminar was the leading-edge of all other seminars that were previously held as it has steered away from the previous concepts for the seminars in the past. Coupled with the extravagant setting of the Marina Bay Sands, an extraordinary understatement to describe this seminar. The seminar was themed with 5 meaningful topics, “ Creating A Great Cause at Golden Age”, “A Fate decided by Decisiveness”, “Uprising Glory” and “Heroines of Today” shared by various leaders whose profiles represent the different topics.

Be inspired and motivated by the sincere and heartfelt sharing done by our leaders, allowed everyone to believe that it is not use the age, background, gender or phase in life to determine the term of successful. It is the choice you make.

  • Creating A Great Cause at Golden Age
  • A Fate decided by Decisiveness
  • Uprising Glory
  • Heroines of Today
  • Every Cloud has a Silver Lining