Pegasus Night – Seoul

 5 January 2017

January, 2017, RIWAY International’s “Pegasus Night” saw our leaders experienced the romantic winter in Seoul, Korea and this prestigious experience belonged solely to our Team Elite Pegasus!

Over 20 years ago, Korea was a small, unprosperous and unfashionable country that no one took notice of, it is now standing at the peak of the world, this trendsetting has earned Korea a renowned worldwide reputation.

The reason that Korea’s market can have such a boom now is because its’ people have kept the spirit of patriotism and contribution from their ancestors, apart from Korea’s speedy growth in these 20 years, the influence of their culture has also spread throughout the world, being the trendsetter that everyone knows.

Achieving RIWAY’s Team Elite Pegasus is no easy feat but it is not impossible, akin to how Korea was in the past; from 2 years ago till now, the number of Team Elite Pegasus has increased exponentially, this also means that everyone has the chance and capabilities to attain this opportunity, the decision lies in whether do you want it or not because those that do, they’re already given the opportunity to attend our “Pegasus Night”.

Allow yourself to stand on the highest position, soak in the feeling of exclusive privileges, RIWAY is grateful and respects the amount of effort and commitment our Team Elite Pegasus gives to the company and we promise to let all our Team Elite Pegasus enjoy the best life experience in the most fantastic and exclusive ways!