RIWAY International 13th Anniversary Gala Dinner

 2nd January 2021
 8pm (GMT+8)

The year 2020 has resulted in the predicament of many having to stagnate in their lives, but looking back the year, RIWAY and our leaders have achieved so much; this is only possible as we do not take any chances; we keep up with the times and we are willing to change with the new norm to pioneer so many more possibilities. So, as we get ready for RIWAY International’s 13th Anniversary and be poised to take on 2021, we are prepared to challenge the new summit.

13 years of exploration, 13 years of innovation and 13 years of continuity, RIWAY has trailed the steps of time and led every leader to the summits of their lives, one after another. Just as RIWAY’s theme for this year ‘The Best Has Yet To Come”, we will always stay humble, keep on learning, and never turn complacent; by leveraging on our already-achieved results, we will open up new avenues to reach the new pinnacle of success! Even with the present restrictions brought upon by the pandemic, our leaders remain steadfast and still strive resolutely, allowing their teams to enjoy tremendous benefits; RIWAY is proud of you, and to recognise the efforts of our leaders, we will do anything possible to present the most glorious recognition moments, stepping into a brand-new chapter by officially unfolding the new chapter for the 13th year.

At the same time, the winner of everyone’s most anticipated annual highlight: 2020 RIWAY International Golden Deer Award was clinched by Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 3 Rings Chiu Yen Hao under the thunder applause and well wishes of everyone; once again, congratulations to Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 3 Rings Chiu Yen Hao for the new milestone achieved!