RIWAY System Course

 13th & 14th May 2023
 Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC), Hall 9 - 11

More than 600 outstanding speakers who were trained by RIWAY International Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Lim Boon Hong have gone through more than 2 months of competition, and 48 outstanding speakers have made it to the last 2 sessions of “RIWAY System Course”. Our 12 Official Representative Speakers have finally emerged, and everyone is full of excitement.

This unique “RIWAY System Course” has announced 6 Official Representative Speakers each during the 2-day event, and they have once again shared their inspiring and insightful topics on stage. Each speaker has made sufficient preparations for this event through the inspiration and personal experience of our CEO Mr Lim Boon Hong, we believe that leaders who have participated in this “RIWAY System Course” have gained some insights and apply what they have learned to their own careers and lives as well as having a deeper understanding of RIWAY.

Once again, congratulations to the following 12 leaders on becoming RIWAY’s Official Representative Speakers. We believe that this is not only a battle of speech, but more importantly, it is an opportunity for us to learn from one another and grow. Looking forward to the future, our group of Official Representative Speakers can create a better future for themselves and others.

Official Representative Speakers:
Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 5 Rings (Πθ5) Andy Saw – How To Conduct A Meeting
Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 3 Rings (Πθ3) Joe Lee – How To Build A Team
Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 2 Rings (Πθ2) Hasim – How To Expand Internationally
Team Supreme Pegasus 8, 1 Ring (Πη1) Victor Tan – How To Achieve Long-Term Success
Team Supreme Pegasus 5, 2 Rings (Πε2) Chiu Cheng Hsiu – Cultivate Good Learning Attitude
Team Supreme Pegasus 7 (Πζ) Faith Ann – Become A True Winner
Team Supreme Pegasus 5, 1 Ring (Πε1) Alain Chung – Law Of ABC
Team Supreme Pegasus 5 (Πε) Chang Chi Chen – How To Create Results
Team Supreme Pegasus 4 (Πδ) Murashita Hideki – Attitude Is Everything
Team Supreme Pegasus 3 (Πγ) Lim Soon Lee – How To Do Closing
Team Supreme Pegasus 2 (Πβ) William Chua – How To Start
Team Supreme Pegasus 2 (Πβ) Jenny Park – Analyse RIWAY Company