Team Elite Night – Singapore

 3 September 2018

Our Team Elite congregated at the Lion City in a night of emotional celebrations.

Singapore, an island country with a small land mass, although we are unable to see it with our eyes on the world map, but Singapore is internationally recognised as a first-world country akin to RIWAY International that was founded right here in Singapore.

When RIWAY began its operations, some gave their 100% trust, some chose to not believe in this industry. Those that chose to believe and followed, tirelessly continues to promote the spirit of RIWAY; what was then a single spark, has now become a passionate flame. Today, RIWAY holds a strong influence in the direct selling industry and has started to expand it’s global development blueprint; the contribution of our Team Elite leaders must be commended.

For our final “Team Elite Night” in our 10th Anniversary year, we brought our Team Elite teammates back to RIWAY’s first “home” – Singapore. On this extremely meaningful event, our “Team Elite Night” of the decade, we have created irreplaceable memories on this unforgettable night together at “home”.