Benevolence Without Boundaries
Love Without Borders

The 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) disrupted daily livelihoods, spread panic and anxiety, took away precious lives and set a dark looming future ahead of everyone.

As of 30th August 2021, the accumulated number of confirmed cases has exceeded 200 million and more than 4 million lives are lost worldwide while people’s fears have also increased with the surge in cases.

This pandemic has led to serious socio-economic impacts worldwide, such as the cancellation and postponement of cultural, sporting and religious events, closure of schools and institutes of higher learning, and the widespread shortages of supplies aggravated by panic buying and misinformation.

While the infected are fighting for their lives with the help of healthcare workers, many others in isolation have been living in fear, stress, shortage of medical equipment and uncertainty. The situation is worsened in countries where poverty is widespread and violence is rampant.

Facing this pandemic, RIWAY International adheres to the charitable belief of giving back to the societies where it flourished.

Donations were made by RIWAY Foundation to countries including Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Czech Republic, South Korea and Myanmar. The monetary donations were not only used to purchase daily necessities, but also used to replenish medical supplies such as masks, gloves, medical suits, medical glasses, COVID-19 test kits and oxygen generators as RIWAY International’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer from Singapore, Mr Lim Boon Hong believes that people from the frontline medical team should not be allowed to fall; people or corporations with the ability to, should stand out and give a helping hand.

Together, we shall prevail.


Since the founding of RIWAY International 12 years ago, it has been upholding the spirit of giving back to the society. For the past 7 years, RIWAY Foundation has held 4 charity auctions and all the funds raised are used entirely for the sake of contributing to the society, ensuring every donation to be 100% used to help all the units.

“Benevolence Without Boundaries Love Without Borders” combined everyone’s strength and contributed to the effort against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The frontline health workers cannot fall, capable individual or enterprises should extend assistance unreservedly to do a part in the fight against the disease to make the world return to the good old days as soon as possible.

While we feel the joy and affluence on the road to success, we should be even more charitable. What makes us grateful and proud is that RIWAY has a group of excellent leaders involving in the charitable deed and pooling our kindness together. “Learn to share and share what you have learned”, with this attitude could we then get more power and help the society.

Mr Lim Boon Hong
RIWAY International
Chief Executive Officer


RIWAY Foundation was established with the initial purpose of helping people in real need and had no extra agenda. We hope that every single cent and all the resources donated can be used for practical purposes.

President of the RIWAY Foundation Ivy See stated that while everyone has a small role to play, only through staying united could we then realize the maximum effect. She also hoped that everyone will never stop contributing by thinking that their contribution is very minimal. With this ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the funds we have donated to buy protective medical supplies is in fact also very minimal in comparison to the rates of daily usage and replacement for the health care workers.

“Do not fail to do good even if it is small; do not engage in evil even if it is small.” We hope to uphold this standard and achieve much more by every one of us. No matter how ravaging and cruel the virus may be; no matter when and where we may be, there will always be a heart full of warmth and radiance, warming and soothing the injured and the lost; it is their smile that makes this dedication truly meaningful. 

Ivy See
President of the RIWAY Foundation