2016 Fourth Quarter Top Leaders Meeting – Sanya

 2 December 2016 - 5 December 2016

Getting a chance to attend RIWAY International’s “Top Leaders Meeting” means an increment and expansion of strength; in December, RIWAY brought our leaders to the “Eastern Hawaii”- China, Hainan, Sanya, better known as “The End of the Earth”.

How can you appreciate the beauty before you if you have yet to step forth and explore the world? The ancients thought that the earth is flat, if you walk to the ends of the horizon, you will fall into a bottomless pit, who would have known that the earth was round? It is the intellectuals who have had the courage to take that step forward.

We held our “Top Leaders Meeting” at Hainan, Sanya this time, to signify that RIWAY wants to bring everyone together and see the most beautiful sights till the end of the earth. Standing atop the highest position, you will have the chance to broaden your sights and mindset, setting your sights far and wide, allowing you to develop your career even further.

Hainan, Sanya, with its towering mountains and vast oceans, has an endless summer and an all-natural greenhouse, also known as “The Green Treasure Chest”. Stand together at RIWAY’s “Top Leaders Meeting” and use Mother Nature’s beauty to rejuvenate your mind and soul; for your career and life, let’s challenge the top again!