RIWAY Cambodia Branch Opening

RIWAY Cambodia’s branch has officially opened in Phnom Penh on 6th September 2023.

The Central South Asia market has always been regarded as a potential market with great development strength, especially through RIWAY International’s duplication and the spirit of inheritance, Central South Asia has perfectly duplicated the successful models of other regions, applying what they have learned to create greater results. Cambodia is also another one of the important strongholds in Central South Asia, following Thailand.

The official operation of the Cambodia branch not only fills our leaders and Core Management Team of the region with anticipation, but it is also one of RIWAY’s goal to lay a more solid market foundation and stability.

Duplicating and inheriting have always been the spirit upheld by RIWAY. We are committed to doing basic skills well and steadily, until we conquer a region, then duplicating the same method in other regions. RIWAY will continue to duplicate and pass on the experiences accumulated over the past 15 years to Central South Asia, and fully cooperate with our leaders in the market to bring Central South Asia to a higher level.